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Pulford is a leading provider of compressed air solutions for Australian businesses. We offer a huge range of different makes and models, along with on-site maintenance and expert sales guidance. We’re proudly Australian-owned and dedicated to contributing to the economic growth and productivity of local businesses. Our 24/7 emergency vehicles are readily on stand-by for all your maintenance enquiries, so you receive fast and efficient service every time. At Pulford, our industrial air compressors Adelaide help businesses perform many vital tasks, which contributes to a stronger and healthy economy for many industries.

Proudly Serving Australian Businesses Since 1925

For over 85 years, Pulford have been leaders in the design and manufacturing of compressed air technology. Our products and services are used in many different industry applications, including medical, construction, automotive and more. We help business owners make the right decision when purchasing or upgrading their compressed air system, so they receive the biggest energy savings without compromising on consistent and reliable performance. Explore our huge variety of air compressor types and models, our expert sales team can help you optimize workflow for your business.

Expert Service 24/7

Our team of expert technicians are readily on stand-by to perform service and maintenance duties. Each emergency vehicle is equipped with the latest tools and parts, which enables them to perform both major and minor service tasks. We also regularly do site inspections, to ensure your workplace is providing a safe environment for the installation of a compressed air system.

Other services we regularly perform, include:

  • Air quality analysis
  • System appraisals & reports
  • Monitoring services
  • Installations & commissions

Upon purchasing or upgrading your existing compressed air system, we can schedule service appointments on your behalf. This will help maintain the quality and reliability of your air compressor, without having to worry about booking appointments in your own time. Our comprehensive service plan covers all aspects of your industrial air compressors Adelaide, to ensure it’s working at maximum efficiency and delivering the biggest energy saving benefits.

Sales Advice and Assistance

Air compressors come in a variety of makes and models, which greatly influences their energy consumption and processing power. We regularly work together with business owners to help them achieve their productivity goals and choose the right product for them. Our sales team can assess your usage and application, then provide you with recommended models that meet your business needs.

Industrial Air Compressors Adelaide

We offer a wide range of variable speed, rotary screw and piston compressors. Each make and model is designed for specific applications, as evident by the variety of sizes, air supply, power capacity and more.

Our variable speed compressors automatically fluctuate airflow depending on the room environment and demand. They offer generous energy saving benefits and provide long-lasting stability, which makes them ideal for daily use in plantation systems. Our piston compressors are designed for heavy-duty use and offer powerful performance, while delivering consistent air supply and – when properly serviced and maintained – an extremely long lifespan.

For an environmentally-friendly solution, our oil-free compressors offer pristine performance without sacrificing on power. With the absence of oil, they produce very few emissions and can operate reliably on a daily basis. This makes them ideal for a variety of workplaces and allows for a safe working environment, without relying upon an additional dryer or refrigerated filter.


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Our expert sales team are ready to respond to your enquiries. Send us a quote online here or contact our Adelaide office on 08 8443 5980 and we’ll be happy to assist you. At Pulford, our air compressors Adelaide service continues to deliver real results and encourage increased productivity. Discover what our exciting range of compressed air solutions can do for your business.