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Industrial Air Compressors in Brisbane

Are you getting the most out of your compressed air system? When trying to run a business, you need equipment that’s reliable, safe and provides you with the correct supply of compressed. At Pulford, we offer a range of Industrial Air Compressors in Brisbane to meet your business needs. No matter how big or small they may be!

Energy Efficient Variable Speed Compressors

While a traditional, fixed-speed compressor is ideal for producing a consistent airflow – what about applications that require varying levels of compressed air?

Our variable speed compressors automatically adjust to any fluctuating airflow requirements. They offer significant energy-saving benefits and can operate 24/7 with little input from workers. And thanks to the intuitive user-interface – you can monitor its activity and make minor adjustments with just a few button presses.

Piston Compressors for the Home, Shop or Factory

Probably the most common type of compressor around; piston compressors offer great flexibility and performance for a range of processes. These handy devices are great for powering pneumatic tools, such as nail guns, sanding equipment, drills, and blowguns. But they’re also powerful enough to handle more demanding tasks too.

Our piston compressors deliver a maximum pressure of 950k/PA and a free air delivery of 17.9 I/s. They come in sizes ranging from 89kg – 459kg, so they can be quickly transported around any small shop, household, construction site or remote location.

Say Goodbye to Oil Contamination for Good

Oil free compressors are commonly used in scenarios where the compressed air makes contact with process it’s powering. Some examples include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics and textile manufacturing processes.

With oil-free technology, your staff can work safely without the risk of being exposed to potentially contaminated oil. Better still, they’re durable enough to withstand conditions unsafe for humans, such as extreme heat, dusty or dirty environments.

Rotary Screw Industrial Air Compressors for Brisbane

With an airflow delivery of up to 6.35 m3/min, these devices are capable of providing energy for multiple air tools at once. And with noise levels ranging from 64dB – 75dB… they’re not as loud as you think, either.

Our screw compressors offer powerful performance and a distraction-free environment for your workers. They’re capable of performing many heavy-duty tasks in fields ranging from construction, manufacturing, agriculture and more.

Best of all, you can include an additional dryer and filtration unit. You’ll benefit from a cleaner supply of compressed air and reduce your wastage too.

Want to learn more about our Industrial Air Compressors in Brisbane? Ask about our compressed air solutions by calling (07) 3265 7700 today! Our sales team will take you through the benefits of our variable speed, rotary screw, piston and oil-free compressors.