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Pulford are industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of high-quality air compressors. We provide compressed air solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, such as powering essentials tools, moderating air pressure, large-scale industrial processes and much more. Our experienced service team regularly performs maintenance and repair duties for workplace compression systems, while our sales team works with business owners to find the right air compressor for their industry needs. For the most comprehensive air compressors Sydney service; Pulford have everything you need.

Over 85 Years of Experience

Since 1925, Pulford has been at the forefront of producing high-quality air compression systems. We’re a proudly owned Australian business and we work daily with tradesmen and business owners, to deliver compressed air solutions for a wide range of industries. Our heavy-duty air compressors Sydney are extremely sturdy and designed for long-lasting use, which makes them ideal for industries that require daily supplies of compressed air. We’re continually making improvements to our existing technology, in the hopes of reducing energy consumption, automating air flow for specific needs and delivering increased performance.

Wide Range of Air Compressor Units

Our expansive range of air compressors come in various types, with each unit catering towards different industry needs. Our variable speed screw compressors deliver consistent airflow, which saves energy by alternating between different levels of airflow intensity. For a more traditional fixed speed system, our Rotary Screw and Piston compressors come in various speeds, sizes and fuel types. These units deliver high pressure levels and are regularly used in many industrial applications, such as powering construction machinery and equipment.

On-Site Maintenance by Experienced Technicians

If you’re experiencing technical issues with your air compression unit, let our trustworthy technicians come to you and bring them back to life. We have emergency service vehicles readily equipped with the latest tools and technology, so we can service any make or model that comes our way.

We perform a wide range of service, which cover all aspects of your compressed air system and workplace. These include:

  • Air quality analysis
  • Site inspections
  • System appraisals and reports
  • Installations & commissions
  • Service plans
  • Monitoring services

We take the necessary precautions and perform essential industry standard practices, to ensure your air compression unit or installation is operating at its maximum efficiency. By establishing a safe and productive workplace environment, your staff can work more fluently without worrying about unreliable air compression units.

Dryer and Filtration Units

When using heavy-duty industrial air compressors Sydney, it’s necessary to filter out the hot, humid and contaminated properties that compressed air produces. To create a safe and comfortable work environment, a refrigerated dryer or filter is needed to prevent the spread of contaminated air. This is especially true when working within enclosed spaces, where compressed air has little room to spread.

Our filters are designed to remove impurities from the supply chain of compressed air, which delivers a cleaner work environment and maintains the efficiency of industrial air compressors. These portable units come in variable airflow capacities, nominal power and air connection BSP. Our expert sales team can assist you in choosing the right filter or dryer, to help your business save money and improve productivity for the workplace.

Make an Enquiry Online or Over the Phone

At Pulford, we provide real solutions for Australian businesses. With involvement in many industrial, medical, construction and automotive applications, we care about the integrity of our products and delivering the best possible performance. For all enquiries regarding our services, request an online quote here or contact our Sydney office on 1300 138 124.