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Air Compressors Sales Sydney

If your business requires a new compressed air installation, our Air Compressor Sales Sydney team can help you make the right choice. We offer a wide range of compressed air solutions for your business, including Rotary, Piston, Oil Free and Variable Speed Compressors. Our expert sales team will assist you in deciding which unit is suitable for your business and you can purchase or lease directly through us.

Sales Advice and Assistance

Finding the right air compressor for your needs can be a tough decision. Many types of industrial compressors exist on the market and some are more suitable for certain applications than others. Our sales team will inform you on the general usage and applications for each model, including the recommended size or fuel type based on your supply demand and work environment.

Site Inspections

If you’re enquiring about a new unit or installation, we recommend arranging an on-site inspection to be performed. An experienced technician will visit your premise and assess your work environment. They’ll offer recommendations on the most suitable area to have your air compressor installed and the kind of model you’ll need for your desired usage and application.

How you plan to use your compressed air system will greatly influence your purchasing decision. And with the help of our Air Compressors Sales Sydney team and expert technicians, we can provide you with the most efficient, energy saving and affordable solution for your needs.

Service Plans

Whether you purchase or lease from us, we can prepare a comprehensive service plan on your behalf. Our service plans save you time by removing the hassle of booking each individual service appointment. We prepare an annual service schedule and outline the dates of each appointment for you. We’ll send you notifications prior to each service, so you’ll always know when to expect us.

If you need to change an appointment or make a cancellation, simply contact us and we’ll arrange a more suitable time for you.

Request an Online Quote

Our online quote form makes it easy to receive cost estimates for our products and services. Simply fill in your company details and tell us which type of compressor you need, including your required air flow rate and pressure level. We’ll also ask about your intended applications and whether or not you need installation performed by us.

Our Air Compressor Sales Sydney team will respond with a cost estimate based on your requirements and they’ll provide you with suggestions for air compressor models. From there, they will guide you through the purchasing or leasing process and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Us

To send us your online quote, simply fill out our form here and we’ll respond with your estimate.

For all other enquiries about our Air Compressor Sales Sydney services, call our Sydney offices on 1300 138 124 or email us here.