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At Pulford, we don’t just sell or lease you an air compressor, we make sure you’re satisfied with our products for life. Our Air Compressor Service Sydney team performs a variety of maintenance and assessment tasks, in order to keep your air compression system running at its peak efficiency.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Whether a mechanical fault occurs in the afternoon or late at night, the slightest error can bring production to a complete standstill. That’s why our expert technicians are on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any maintenance requirements you need.

Each emergency vehicle is stocked with tools to handle most big and small repair jobs, including a range of parts and components for different air compressor models. We come to you and perform all the necessary repairs on-site, so you and your employees can immediately return to business as usual.

Air Quality Analysis

If you already have an existing air compression system at your workplace, it’s recommended that you test the quality of your compressed air at least once a year.

Our Air Compressor Service Sydney technicians can visit your premise and assess the quality of your compressed air system. We inspect your air compression system from its point of use and measure the residual oil content and pressure dew point.

The air quality analysis will reveal any leakage occurring due to a technical fault, which we can then service and replace any parts if needed. By performing these assessment tasks, you’ll be notified on the average life expectancy of your air compressor’s factory components, which will prevent any unexpected mechanical faults from occurring later on.

Service Plans

Whether you purchase or lease from us, we highly recommend organizing a regular maintenance schedule for your compressed air system. Our service plans save you time by removing the hassle of booking appointments.

After purchasing or leasing your compressed air system, we can prepare an annual service schedule on your behalf. As part of your service plan, we’ll notify you when your next service appointment is coming up and you’ll receive detailed reports after each service. We’ll outline which parts were replaced, which parts were repaired and any other issues we uncovered during the service.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, our Air Compressor Sydney Service team can arrange a new service time and date for you.

Contact Us

If you require emergency assistance or wish to enquire about our other services, feel free to call our Sydney offices on 1300 138 124 and our Air Compressor Service Sydney will be happy to help you. For other general enquiries or requests for a quote, simply fill out our online form here.