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What Does Gas Generation Mean for Sydney?

Pulford’s range of onsite gas solutions cover a range of commercial and industrial applications. Our nitrogen-stations are proven to benefit the performance of consumer car tyres, mining vehicles, laser cutting processes, food packaging and athletic training. Gas Generation is taking Sydney to the next level of alternative energy solutions.

Over 550 NitroPlus Stations in Australia

Our tyre filling stations are comprised of nitrogen, which can be used in any consumer vehicle. Nitrogen-filled tyres have been proven to maintain consistent tyre pressure for longer and reduce friction while rolling. This not only improves your overall fuel economy, but also maintains your tread for longer.

With the absence of numerous gases and water vapour, your rims and tyre casings are less prone to corrosion build-up. Our NitroPlus stations are also specially designed for Australia’s hot conditions, so your tyres will perform better under extreme heat.

NitroPlus – Keeping Australian Miners Safe

Internal and external tyre heating is a major hazard for many industrial vehicles. Rubber and liner separation greatly increases the chance of internal combustion occurring in tyres. External heating from brakes and other sources also pose the risk of causing sudden explosions.

By removing oxygen, and replacing each tyre with nitrogen – internal and external fires are unable to occur. This providers a safer work environment and reduces downtime caused by sudden malfunctions.

Our NitroPlus stations are conveniently located across many mines. They come with an easy-to-use computer interface, which allows you to monitor pressure levels and many other functions. Nitrogen-based tyres help prevent the oxidation process from corroding rims, while also eliminating the need for liquid additives. Thus, we save your business on time and money.

Waste-Free Laser Cutting

One way Gas Generation is helping Sydney, is by improving the efficiency of laser cutting devices. By using nitrogen, cut surfaces are less prone to oxidation and material wastage when cutting aluminium or zinc coated galvanized sheets.

Our nitrogen filling stations are also self-sustaining – so you’ll never run out of gas during an important job.

Enjoy a Longer Shelf Life with Modified Food Packaging

Food packaging has come a long way in recent years. With our reduced oxygen packaging methods, we increase the shelf-life of many different packaged foods. This revolutionary system not only saves on manufacturing costs, it also reduces the need for additives and preservatives in food.

Health and Lifestyle Performance

For athletes training towards their peak fitness – Gas Generation in Sydney is the leading provider of altitude training solutions. By training in reduced oxygen environments, you’ll improve your overall endurance and your breathing efficiency.

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To enquire about Pulford’s Gas Generation for Sydney, call 1300 138 124 or send us your online enquiry here.