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Due to increasing awareness on the environmental effects of oil-based technology, more companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re working in an environment that demands the cleanest supply of compressed air – then our Oil Free Compressors Sydney are an ideal solution.

As opposed to oil-based compressors, oil-free compressors rely on water to power and lubricate the device’s various components. This results in a contamination-free supply of compressed air and no oil to dispose of while you work. Not only does this improve workflow – it results in a cleaner work environment for your employees too.

Oil Free Solutions

Our oil-free compressors are used in many industries and processes, particularly where compressed air makes contact with the object or process being served. This is very common in industries involved in the manufacturing of food and pharmaceutical products.

Oil free compressors benefit from lower running costs than their oil-based counterparts. This means you can operate your compressor for longer, without suffering from expensive running costs. And by reducing your company’s carbon footprint, you contribute towards a healthier work environment and setting a new standard for your industry.

Oil Free Compressors for any Model Type

Oil-free technology is capable of being incorporated in most common compression types. We have a range of oil-free Piston, Screw, Fixed & Variable Speed Compressors – which deliver the same powerful performance as our oil-based models. These devices eliminate the risk of oil contamination and are ideal for a range of home and industry applications.


Maintenance and Care

Thanks to their simplistic design, oil-free compressors rely on fewer moving parts. This improve their reliability and makes them easier to maintain over a long-period of time.

Whether you purchase or hire our Oil Free Compressors Sydney, we offer ongoing support in the care and maintenance of your device. Our experienced technicians establish a scheduled service plan that’s arranged months in advance. We’ll let you know about your next appointment and confirm it with you before the next service.

By taking the hassle out of booking appointments, you enjoy a consistently reliable device without putting in any extra effort. We’ll simply notify you when your next appointment is due – and we’ll confirm the next convenient time and date for you.

Contact Us

To learn more about our range of Oil Free Compressors Sydney, call 1300 138 124 and our team will gladly assist you. For all other enquiries about our products and services, fill out our online contact form and we’ll answer any questions you may have.