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The Pulford Air Compressor Solution

Since 1925, Pulford have been industry leaders in the designing and manufacturing of air compression systems. Our air compressors are designed to handle tasks from a wide variety of industries. From regulating air supply for agriculture systems, to reciprocating air compressors for medical use; Pulford’s range of solutions spreads across many different industries.

100% Australian Owned

For over 85 years, Pulford has been proudly supporting local Australian industries. We’ve provided air compression solutions for all kinds of industries, including manufacturing, medical and health, industrial and agriculture. Through decades of advanced research and testing, our product lines are continually adapting to new industrial and environmental standards. This way, our customers can benefit from technology that improves the efficiency and workflow of their business operations. Our contribution to Australian businesses stems from the desire to deliver long-lasting results, which makes for a healthier and more productive work environment.

Wide Range of Compressors

At Pulford, we offer an assortment of air compression systems, each with their own functions and purposes. Our range of compressed air solutions, include:

Air CompressorsVariable Speed Screw Compressors

Automatically adjusts air flow according to the demand of air. They are commonly used in factory setting. Due to their fluctuating energy consumption, they are favourably viewed upon as an energy saving alternative to traditional fixed speed systems.

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Air CompressorsRotary Screw Compressors

Used for many industry applications, including powering certain construction machinery and for use in factory settings. They come in both oil-free and oil-injected varieties.

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Air CompressorsPiston Compressors

Traditional cast iron quality, which delivers gas at high pressure levels. Commonly used in chemical plants, oil refineries, refrigeration plants and gas pipelines.

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Our expansive range of stock allows us to provides solutions for a wide range of industries, which means you can choose the right equipment for the job, every time.

The Pulford Series

The Pulford range boasts a wide variety of air compressors, including variable speed, piston and rotary screw compressors. Each series operates differently depending on their build, which makes them suitable for a range of applications.

Our rotary screw KA Series delivers quiet, consistent air flow ranging from 2HP single phase, to 10HP 3-phase capacity, including dryer and filtration capabilities. While the piston compressor T-Series offer high speed airflow, including a range of compressor, petrol and diesel compressor systems as well.

For long-lasting efficiency, the Endurance Series delivers on pristine quality and a life expectancy than can exceed a whopping 50 years’ worth of use. Due to their strong build and low maintenance needs, this makes them a worthwhile investment for factory, construction or industrial use.

Customer Support and Assistance

With every Pulford product your purchase from us, we guarantee regular service and assistance with any enquiries you may have. Our team of dedicated experts can help you with any air compression troubles you may have, including any servicing or maintenance tasks that need to be carried out. Our commitment to quality doesn’t just end with a sale, which is why we’re dedicated to ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for every air compression unit we distribute.

Leaders in Air Compression Technology

For the most reliable and comprehensive air compressor solutions, Pulford’s long-lasting legacy ensures only the highest quality products available to you. Made from decades of engineering finesse, continual research and a commitment to improving economical standards; Pulford continues to lead the way in air compression technology. To experience the impressive range of advanced air compression solutions on offer, contact us directly or visit your nearest Pulford shop to discover more.