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Fast & Reliable Air Compressor Repairs

Whether you work in the industrial, medical, construction or agriculture industry; you need a good quality compressor to perform important daily tasks, such as regulating air flow in work environments and providing energy for construction tools. During our 85 years in designing, manufacturing and servicing air compressor units, we’ve come to understand the needs and requirements of each industry that we serve. That’s why we’re prepared to provide air compressor repairs for any kind of system within a timely and efficient manner.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Regardless of what industry you work in, a faulty air compressor can cost your business a lot of time and money. When you’re dealing with customers and co-ordinating a huge team of staff, taking faulty equipment to the shop is simply not possible. Even worse, if it’s late at night and something goes wrong; who’ll be there to help?

At Pulford, we understand you don’t have time to deal with unreliable compressor units, which is why our expert technicians are on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether its 3AM or 3PM, our emergency services will be there to answer the call and send out the nearest located technician, who will then be able to come straight to your workplace.

Save Time with a Service Plan

With a safe working environment and a routine service schedule, a well-built air compressor can last you for many years to come. Many industrial-grade and commercial air compressors operate on a daily basis to power essential equipment and regulate air flow for certain environments. Due to their high usage, it’s important to have a service plan in place so that your compressor can receive the treatment it needs; in order to consistently perform on a regular basis.

That’s why with every new purchase you make at Pulford, we offer a comprehensive service plan to cater towards the needs of your new device. With a routine service schedule, you don’t have to worry about booking appointments. We’ll simply notify you when your next service is due and when the time comes, we’ll perform the necessary air compressor repairs needed to be done. This is a convenient solution to maintaining the lifespan of your compressor, which means you get more value out of your purchase and a reliable unit you can depend on.

System Appraisals and Air Quality Analysis

With each service we provide, we offer a full system inspection and air quality analysis, to ensure your compressor is producing the cleanest possible compressed air. Compressed air that’s not properly processed (or filtered) can lead to uncomfortable or potentially unsafe work environments, due to high levels of humidity. A good air compressor should have a balanced combination of solid particles, water vapour and oil content, including a clean filter to prevent the spread of contaminated particles.

If we discover any faults in the production of your compressed air, we can provide the necessary air compressor repairs to fix any issues your unit may be experiencing. In the event of high humidity levels, we may recommend installing an additional refrigerated dryer to moderate room temperature.

85 Years of Service Experience

With over 85 years performing air compressor repairs and services, we’ve accumulated knowledge related to many kinds of industries, including the use of compressed air in the workplace and how they can improve workflow efficiency. Our team of technicians are some of the best in the business, who each continue to maintain the quality of service that has made Pulford a household name. Trust the experts and contact us for any service enquiries on 02 9749 8313.