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Air Compressor Sales: Diverse range, New and Used

85 Year Australian Legacy

Pulford, air compressor sales specialists, are a proudly Australian-owned designer and manufacturer of air compressors. With over 85 years of serving Australian businesses, our diverse range of machinery can provide sufficient air flow for plant air systems, industrial environments, medical facilities and much more. Pulford’s air compressors for sale are energy efficient and sturdy enough to provide long-lasting performance for any work task.

Air Compressor Sales for All Needs

At Pulford, we offer a diverse range of air compressors, designed to handle any supply of airflow that’s needed. Our variable speed compressors can handle the fluctuating air demand for many different environmental conditions, which means you don’t have to manually intervene throughout the course of your work day. Thanks to the fluctuating airflow capabilities of the KSV/KDV compressor series, they require minimal amounts of energy needed to fulfil their air supply demands. This provides huge energy saving benefits and can help save your business thousands in expensive running costs.

Our range of rotary screw compressors offer quiet air delivery, without sacrificing on power or quality. With a large 2HP and 10HP 3-phase storage capacity, the KA series is built to provide a high-level of air supply. The additional dryer and air filtration unit means that only pure, clean air is delivered to your work environment. Whether you’re powering industrial-grade machinery or construction devices; the KA series is sturdy enough to handle any task.

For the strongest air compressors for sale, the T Series piston compressors are designed for long-lasting use and consistent, reliable performance. We offer an array of sizes, speed capabilities and storage capacities, including both diesel and petrol units.

Variable Speed Compressors
Screw Compressors

Dryer and Filtration Solutions

While compressed air is a vital resource for many industries, its humid and heated properties make it unsuitable for many working environments. A filter can be used in conjunction with an air compressor to produce clean, filtered air that’s compatible for use in different working conditions. This allows staff and employees to operate machinery in a safer and more comfortable environment, which means greater efficiency and productivity in the workforce.

Having clean air doesn’t mean you have to suffer from expensive running costs. Each dryer and filtration unit offers advanced climate control that delivers incredible energy saving benefits. By putting the compressed air through a refrigeration dryer, the air is transformed in a liquid state and removed of unwanted air particles; resulting in clean, cool air for the work environment. Thanks to over 40 years of research and technological advancements, drying units are able to operate efficiently without consuming excessive amounts of energy.

24 Hour Maintenance and Assistance

air-compressor-fo-saleEven after you purchase one of our air compressors for sale, you can call on us for any maintenance or service requirements you need. That’s why we’re proud to offer 24 hour, 7 days a week service on any air compression unit. To ensure the longest possible life-expectancy for your air compression device, a regular service is recommended to make sure vital components are working at their maximum efficiency.

Our technical support staff draw from over 85 years of advancements in compressed air technology. Being experienced in serving a wide range of industries, we’re well equipped to service any type of unit that needs assistance. We offer comprehensive service plans, system appraisals, air quality analysis and site inspections.

Service You Can Depend On

At Pulford, we’re dedicated to delivering the best possible results for every application. Whether your existing unit requires maintenance or you’re in the market for a new one, our expansive range of air compressor sales guarantees the right tool for the job, every time.