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Air Compressor Service

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We have a specialist team of service technicians on call 24 hours 7 days offering:

  • Service plans
  • Site inspections
  • Air quality analysis
  • System appraisals & reports
  • Monitoring services
  • Installation & commissioning

It is our priority to provide honest, reliable, prompt support with both the technical aspects of our products and the functional aspects of individual applications.

Air Compressor Servicing

The extensive experience of our technicians ensures we can easily service all makes and models.

A complete upfront service plan can be devised ensuring your equipment is serviced by an expert at the required times protecting your investment, and more importantly there are no hidden costs.

Pulford offer a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year leasing plan offering complete flexibility with your purchase. Affordability of the equipment you desire and the package you need to suit your financial requirements with easy monthly repayments.

Need an Urgent Air Compressor Service?

Are you tired of your old, worn down air compressor unit breaking down on you? Perhaps your current machine isn’t producing an adequate amount of air supply, or the filter has become worn out? At Pulford, we offer air compressor service for all kinds of air compressor machines. With over 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing compression units, our expert support technicians can identify and solve any issues your machine is facing.

Expert Technicians You Can Trust

Pulford is a proudly Australian-owned business, which has been involved in the development of air compression machinery for over 85 years. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve continually progressed in the advancement of air compression technology, in order to deliver safer, more energy efficient and more reliable compressed air solutions.

Our certified technicians are equipped to service and maintain a variety of different makes and models. Whether we’re dealing with an industry-grade rotary screw compressor or a diesel powered piston compressor; our vast knowledge and expertise allows us to handle any compression system we deal with.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

For timely assistance with your air compressor unit, our specialist technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any maintenance duties you need. Each emergency service vehicle is readily stocked with the latest tools and equipment, which means we’re prepared to perform air compressor maintenance for any make or model.

Extensive Range of Services

We understand the complexities involved in air compressor maintenance, including the context within the workplace that they operate. Different environmental conditions and work procedures can greatly affect the performance of an air compression unit, which is why we regularly perform site inspections to ensure that your air compressor device is in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our air quality analysis is a comprehensive report that tests the supply of air, including the overall quality of compressed air being produced. If your air compressor is producing harmful or unsanitary compressed air, we may advise installing an additional dryer or filter in order to trap toxic particles during the production process.

If you’re looking for the most reliable and consistent air compressor service, we also offer a comprehensive service plan. The service plan is a specified timeline that outlines when your air compressor will require maintenance. By taking the stress out of making last-minute service appointments, we set out a plan that works for your business and ensures the longest possible lifespan for your air compressor unit.

Just purchased a new unit, but not sure how to set it up? Avoid time consuming troubleshooting and call the experts. For installations, we will happily arrange one of our technicians to come to your workplace and install your air compressor device for you. Save on time and money by calling Pulford to get the job done right; so that you can get on with business.

Leasing Plans

Don’t have the time or finances to purchase upfront? Why not hire instead? We offer 2 – 5 year leasing plans in order to quickly facilitate the needs of your business. Avoid stressing over expensive purchases and have the equipment you need ready today. Our friendly support team can arrange for repayments to be made in monthly instalments, so that you can get the tools you need and worry about finances later. At Pulford, our priority is giving you the most convenient solution possible.

Need Assistance?

At Pulford, we understand you don’t have time to deal with air compressor maintenance issues. If you’re in urgent need of assistance; contact us on 02 9748 8313 and let the expert take over.

Please contact our team for a plan that best suits you.