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Tyre Filling

Pulford Air & Gas manufacture a range of “onsite” nitrogen generation systems for all types of tyre filling requirements. With over 550 sites nationally using NitroPlus systems we have the right system for your business.

Benefits of nitrogen inflation include:

  • More stable tyre pressures
  • Increased levels of grip and handling
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Extended tyre life
  • Enhanced safety
  • No oxidation in rim and tyre
  • Used extensively in Europe and US

Nitrogen tyre inflation is made for the Australian market given our hot climate, size of country and road conditions

Increasing number of tyre outlets in Australia are now offering Nitrogen tyre inflation so let Pulford show you how nitrogen can enhance your business.

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Mine Safety

mine-safetyOTR internal tyre fires and explosion are a hidden hazard on mining sites.

The ignition of combustible gases within the tyres chamber creates a potentially dangerous work site risk that can be avoided with no cost to your mine.

Whilst it is impossible to completely remove all heat / ignition sources, it is possible to reduce the oxygen content with nitrogen inflation systems therefore eliminating the possibility of an internal tyre fire.

mine-safety2All Pulford Air & Gas nitrogen generation systems are specifically designed to meet individual mine site requirements.

To learn how Pulford Air & Gas can make your mine site safer, just click on the following presentation for a detail look at nitrogen in mining.

Laser Cutting

Using nitrogen for Laser cutting, enhances the quality of the cut on the material used.

From mild steel to stainless steel, nitrogen prevents oxidation of the cut surface. This allows for better application of paint and surface coating to the edge of the cut steel.

Nitrogen is also better for cutting aluminium and zinc coated galvanized sheets as it reduces dross.

Utilising Pulford Air & Gas on-site nitrogen generation technology, reduces the total cost of laser cutting with nitrogen. No delivery fees, no running out of gas in the middle of an important job. On-site generation of nitrogen provides better manufacturing cost control for your business.

Food Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging can be used in a variety of applications and covers a wide range of products: meats, baked products, pre-cooked foods, cheese, powdered milks, coffee, wine, crisps, nuts and dried foods. The advantages of modified atmospheric packaging are numerous, including:

  • Extending the preservation period allowing for better economies of scale, better inventory management and transport costs to be handled in the most profitable way maximising revenue and minimising losses.
  • Reduction in the level of additives and preservatives that are required can be drastically reduced.

Utilising Pulford Air & Gas on-site nitrogen generation technology provides better manufacturing cost control for your business. We have helped many clients reduce their gas costs and improve their shelf life. NitroPlus on-site systems are a cost effective way to improve your products handling and production.

Health & Lifestyle

Altitude Training Systems are a division of Pulford Air & Gas and is the world leader in simulated altitude technology boasting over 85 installations worldwide including some of Australia’s most prestigious sporting teams and institutes.

Altitude centres are fast becoming more common for advanced training of athletes and sports enthusiasts. With a reduced oxygen environment, clients are able to train in a simulated altitude chambers up to 5100m, to enhance their endurance and oxygen efficiency.

Individual mask systems are also available for training at home. These mask systems are capable of simulating up to 5000m in altitude.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a more portable application of the hyperbaric chamber therapy.

By immersing the body in a high oxygen environment under pressure, the body uses the oxygen to regenerate damaged cells.

Used extensively in areas of sports injury, cosmetic surgery recovery and through recent research the mild hyperbaric chambers have also proved beneficial for autism patients and cancer recovery.