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Heavy Duty Industrial Air Compressors

Compressed air is a vital resource in both the construction and industrial sectors. They provide power to a variety of tools and equipment, including use in applications such as sanding, air brushing, spray painting, repairs and much more. Industrial air compressors are specially designed to facilitate the needs of such tasks, which typically demand daily use, high storage capacities and a sturdy build to provide long-lasting use. At Pulford, we offer a range of compressors capable of meeting industrial-standards, so that your business can benefit from the highest-quality machinery on the market.

  • Variable Speed Compressors
  • Piston Compressors
  • Rotary Screw Compressors
  • Dryers and Filtration Devices

Depending on the power consumption demands your business requires, we offer a selection of 11-22KW and 30-45KW KSA Series rotary screw compressors, along with a choice of diesel or petrol powered piston compressors. For large-scale environments that require massive amounts of regulated airflow, a bigger storage capacity is needed to maintain consistent air pressure. Our KS Series of devices offers a whopping air capacity of 120-550 CFM, including a variable pressure psi that can be adjusted based on indoor conditions.

Our collection of compressor pumps come in both single and twin cylinder varieties, while our Endurance series compressors guarantee a long-lasting lifespan for decades to come. With over 85 years in designing and manufacturing industrial air compressors, we’re confident you’ll find the right unit for the job.

Energy Saving Benefits

For any large-scale business or industrial enterprise, running costs can be a huge problem when operating heavy machinery on a daily basis. According to recent reports by Sustainability Victoria, compressed air systems contribute to nearly 10% of total electrical use in the industrial sector. Unnecessary leaks and wastage greatly contributes to energy expenses, which can be avoided through regular maintenance, identifying maximum possible air pressure, analysing air flow and the overall quality of the compressed air.

Our range of air compressors benefit from years of research and design, which has helped produced the most energy efficient devices to date. The Pulford selection of variable speed compressors fluctuate airflow depending on the demand, which can gradually change throughout each day, so that only the minimal amount of energy is being used. Many of our industrial air compressors also have basic control units, which allows you to adjust several components, including:

  • Rotational direction
  • Motor star-delta start-up
  • Operation parameters
  • Stop limits
  • Alarms
  • Service intervals

By working together with business owners and understanding their needs, we’ve been able to devise interfaces that allow you to control several aspects of your industrial air compressor. This provides greater convenience to employees and helps your business save money in the long-run.

Industrial Air Compressor Service

Is your industrial compressor due for a much-needed service? At Pulford, our team of expert technicians are experienced in handling all types of air compressor units. Our comprehensive workshop is equipped with all the tools needed to perform any maintenance work, while our emergency vehicles are readily fitted to handle any job that comes our way.

With over 85 years of experience in designing, servicing and manufacturing industrial air compressors, we guarantee only the finest products available on the market. For an enquiry into our extensive range or regarding any urgent services you need, contact us on 02 9748 8313.