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Oil Free Compressors for a range of applications

Oil-less compression technology has existed for several decades; dating way back to the 1920’s and 30’s. Oil free compressors differ slightly from their oil-based counterparts, since they operate entirely through the momentum of screws and do not require an oil seal.

Due to the absence of oil carry-over, they also produce less smell; resulting in a more comfortable and pleasant work environment. While they’re unable to match the power of many oil-based compressors, they still deliver on reliability and long-lasting performance for a range of applications.

Thanks to their oil-less operation, our assortment of oil free compressors provide numerous energy are suitable for use in medical sectors, food preparation environments, certain manufacturing plants and much more. At Pulford, we guarantee you’ll find the right compressor for any use or application.

Environmentally Friendly

Traditional compression systems rely on oil to seal, cool and lubricate various components; however, this results in a build-up of oil content that needs to be disposed of. With an oil free compressor, water is used instead to perform these tasks, which means that there’s no need for filtration or separation. Due to their cleaner efficiency benefits, oil free compressors are widely used in many medical and food sectors.

Our range of oil free compressors cater towards the needs of these industries, where oil carry-over can produce unpleasant smells and is not suitable for sensitive working conditions. Oil free compressors offer other numerous benefits, including being capable of operating in high heat conditions, stainless steel material to prevent gradual corrosion and motors that require minimal amounts of power to begin start-up.

Types of Oil Free Compressors

Just like our standard range of air compressors, oil-less compressors come in an array of types and sizes. Our oil free, variable speed compressors allow for consistent airflow and can naturally adapt to changing indoor conditions. These units offer significant energy saving benefits, which is essential for when 24/7 operation is required.

For heavy-duty use, our oil free screw compressors offer great performance and stability. With a varying air capacity of 120-550 CFM and state-of-the-art control interface, these units let users customize the performance of their machine depending on the task they’re performing.

We offer an expansive collection of environmentally-friendly solutions for your business, so that you can provide comfortable working conditions for your staff, along with contributing to a greener and cleaner process of producing compressed air.

Oil Free Compressor Service and Maintenance

With every oil free compressor you purchase from us, we guarantee the same quality and service provided with our range of oil-based compressors. Our extensive range of service and maintenance options include:

  • Service plans
  • Air quality analysis
  • Site inspections
  • Installation and commissioning
  • System appraisals and reports
  • Monitoring services

Whether you need replacements on major components, help with installation or looking to analyse the quality of your compressed air; our services are designed to get the most efficient performance out of your compression system.

Can’t come to us? Simply contact us and our friendly support team will organize a technician to visit your place of work. That way, you can focus on more important matters and get on with business.

The Experts You Can Trust

At Pulford, our 85 years of experience has allowed us to become involved in a range of different industries. With environmental factors affecting the way we operate industrial procedures, a greener alternative is needed to continue sustainable productivity and provide a cleaner, brighter future for tomorrow. By investing in our range of oil free compressors; that possibility could become a reality.