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Piston Air Compressors

For the highest quality assortment of piston compression systems on the market; Pulford’s extensive range offers compressed air solutions for a variety of industry applications. With over 85 years in the design and manufacturing of piston air compressors, we’ve provided products that have helped drive improved efficiency in the workforce. Whether you require power for heavy-duty construction tools, airflow for plant systems or are performing repair/modification jobs; we guarantee you’ll find the right piston compressor for the task.

Expansive Range

The Pulford T-Series delivers on supreme quality and long-lasting durability. Made from pure cast iron, these units are able to withstand gradual deformation and are wear resistant, which makes them perfect for handling the toughest work environments.

We offer both petrol and diesel powered piston air compressors, both of which come in a variety of different air capacities, performance power and overall weight. With such an expansive range, you can choose the right product for the job, without resulting in unnecessarily powerful units using up excessive energy.

The Pulford Endurance Series is renowned for their long life expectancy and powerful performance, which makes them a favourable choice for construction, automotive and industrial applications. Our piston air compressors are available in power types ranging between 1.5 – 11 Kw, along with a selection of different compressor pumps and chassis compressors for sale.

The Endurance Series is perfectly suited for daily use, thanks to their long-lasting stability (many units have been known to exceed 50 years in operation) and powerful performance. The latest range of piston air compressor for sale offers the greatest energy saving benefits to date, while also being available in many sizes and varieties.

Piston Air Compressor Parts

Looking for new piston air compressor parts? At Pulford, we stock a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for all makes and models. Whether you’re looking for a new oil filter, drain valve or any replacement bolts and plugs; we guarantee you can get it through us.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? If we don’t have it, we’ll gladly arrange for an order to be processed for you. We source all of our parts from trustworthy distributors, who provide us with official OEM parts and accessories. Once we’ve confirmed the order, we’ll notify you when the part is ready to be picked up.

Maintaining the Quality of your Piston Compressor

We don’t just leave you stranded once you’ve purchased from us. With each product we provide, we offer a comprehensive service plan that takes the stress out of maintaining your air compressor unit. By choosing to opt for a service plan, we will notify you when your next service is due and arrange for an appointment to be made. Whether you want us to visit you on-site or you come to us, we’re happy to perform any maintenance duties based on your preferences.

Our range of maintenance offers also extends to other avenues, including:

  • Air quality analysis
  • Site inspections
  • Monitoring services
  • Installation and commissioning
  • System appraisals and reports

By ensuring that regular service and maintenance duties are carried, you’ll be ensuring the longest possible lifespan of your piston air compressor, along with guaranteeing it continues to operate at its peak performance.

85 Years of Service

During our 85 years of designing, servicing and manufacturing high-quality compression systems, we’ve helped improve the quality and work efficiency of many industries. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive array of piston air compressors for sale, we here at Pulford guarantee the most efficient solutions to your compressed air needs.

Piston Compressors

T Series Piston CompressorsT Series

The new Pulford T-Series range of piston compressors are of traditional cast iron quality, designed and produced for optimum performance and reliability. Ensuring supreme quality each compressor is tested to comply with rigid standards.

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T-Series Compressor
Compressor Pumps
Petrol Compressor
Diesel Compressor

T-Series Compressor

ModelNet Weight kgPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMax Press k/PAAir Receiver Vol LtLxWxHMotor kW/HPStarter

Compressor Pumps

ModelNet Weight kgPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMax Press k/PACylindersLxWxHMotor kW/HP

Petrol Compressor

ModelPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMax Press k/PAAir Receiver Vol Lt LxWxHMotor HondaWeight kg
T300SPD8.117.35.311.31024965701165x388x8905.5 HP Manual114
T500SPD14.63111.3249699651251560x540x12409 Hp Electric213
T700SPH15.733.313.528.7139212051201165x670x132013 Hp Electric245
T1000SPD24.752.52042.789810341501620x710x142013 Hp Electric321

Diesel Compressor

ModelPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMax Press k/PAAir Receiver Vol LtLxWxHMotor HondaWeight kg
T300SDD8.117.35.311.31024965701120x400x8704.7 Hp Electric117
T500SDD14.63111.3249699651251470x470x10606.7 Hp Electric206
T700SDD18.439.113.829.210069651501480x490x114010 Hp Electric284
T500SDH9.419.97.916.6138612051001150x490x9606.7 Hp Electric174
T700SDH15.733.213.528.6139212051201150x540x109010 Hp Electric243

Endurance Series Piston CompressorsEndurance Series

The traditional Pulford Endurance range of piston compressors are of proven manufacturing quality, designed and produced in Australia since 1925. These compressors offer superiority in performance with many units in operation for over 50 years.

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Compressor Outfits
Compressor Pumps
Chassis Compressors

Compressor Outfits

ModelNet Weight kgPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMax Press k/PAAir Receiver Vol LtLxWxHMotor kW/HPStarter

Compressor Pumps

ModelNet Weight kgPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMax PressNo. of CylindersLxWxHMotor kW/HPFly Wheel GroovedO.D

Chassis Compressors

ModelPiston Disp l/sCFMFree Air Delivery l/sCFMSpeed RPMMotor kW/HPStarter